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7 Things To Do With a Real Estate License Besides Sell Houses
Sometimes after obtaining a real estate license the harsh reality sets in that life as a real estate agent is not quite as glamourous as it’s cracked up to be. Other times personal circumstances might change where a steady salary or work hours are necessary. If you find yourself thinking that being a real estate agent might not be quite the right career fit for you, there are many other things you can do with a real estate license besides selling homes.

1. Apartment leasing agents: Many landlords and agencies need someone who can show property to prospective tenants, write lease agreements, and take care of other details. Rather than hiring an outside broker to perform this work they will manage this process in-house and hire their own leasing agent as an employee.

2. Licensed Assistant: This can have its perks as you will probably have set hours, steady paychecks, and not get the complaint calls from clients. Become friends with the top producers in your area or watch for ads to see if any are needing extra help with their workload. You can also consider becoming a virtual assistant.

3. Writer: The internet is an open market for writers, especially those who can offer a viewpoint in a specialized field such as real estate. You can start your own website or publish articles on sites such as  You can also search for paying writing jobs on sites such as

4. Real Estate Scout: Many companies often need someone to scout out properties for new locations or developments. There are also many investors who can benefit from having a full time employee on hand who can help find houses that have good future profitability.

5. Marketing Assistant: I you don't want to go back into real estate full time. You can partner with a few high profile agents and become their marketing assistant by helping them with mailing campaigns, brochure designs, newsletters, and other marketing related activities.

6. Home Stager: While you may need additional professional designations this can be a profitable business by meeting with potential sellers and helping them decide what changes are necessary to sell their home as quickly as possible and for the highest price. Bonus: You might even be able to earn some referral dollars by referring your clients to agents to sell their home.

7. Title and Closing: There are many title and closing companies that can offer jobs in gathering and coordinating the necessary documents and procedures for closings. As more and more banks depend on larger companies to do this for them, many job opportunities are available.